Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Chronicles of C.K.Heng (words by Cindy Heng)

"It's been 3 wks since I posted about Dad's hospitalization. Thank u for all the well wishes & prayers of healing & encouragement to us. Visitors are met with stories & pics of a man who faced chemo n radiation at an old age, battled heart failure n kidney infection within the last decade. Despite the uphill journey, he's produced sculptures, cooked up a storm, was there for family & friends. What a life...what a man. He's my dad He's still filled with life n beating the odds!" -shared Cindy Heng (All commentary and quotes here via)
"Dad as a young man on the cusp of a artistic career. Surrounded here by sculptures from Indonesia, his birthplace."
"A proud moment standing by a self-portrait bust, here on exhibition at Teochew Building. The last piece of 7 items he made within 5 years."
"Constantly teased, my Dad lucked out by getting the fairest maiden in their circles, my mom. Here his spirit is strong as he shares a wide knowledge on fish at the River Safari. He loves animals n my cat Mao is so attached to him."
"Dad loves China, and we brought him to see the Pandas a few days before his brain radiation was to begin. Now he has it with him to sleep every night..."
FYI: All photos here are to be compiled into a book about the life of my dad, as requested by him, when he was still speaking and relatively healthier. Images / photographs of which, has been by my dad's bedside since his stay at Singapore General Hospital until now at the Assisi Hospice, for folks who are interested to see his life "before" … this is not a book for sale, and given to select folks he had chosen or asked to give to ... this would be my one and only task to complete as soon as possible.

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