Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Pain Management

A lot has transpired since my last entry. And has transpired speedily, for which I will not relate for now, as time is excessively short now, for us to spend with our dad. This will be a quick update, I will not update any further beyond this for the time being, and spend my days with my family with my father instead. Thank you for understanding.

The only physical recourse now for my father, is pain management. The cancer cells attacking his brains have left him incapacitated physically and in a severely diminished mental state. But I believe dad can still hear us, but has extreme difficulty in expressing himself, beyond short sentences and words, and very rarely often. I do not know how long that would last, but we will cherish each and every moment he speaks now.

His pain is getting more and more frequent, and is constantly on painkillers, which further clouds his mind and awareness.

We can only hope for dad to be in comfort and less pain, whatever it takes.

His friends have been visiting him, which gives him big smiles (when he recognizes them) and tears of anguish if he could not articulate what he had wanted to say to them ... and my heart breaks every single time my mum has to update every single person about dad's condition, reliving her pain over her husband over and over and over and over again. I breakdown every time I attempt to tell dad's situation myself, so my respect (and concern) for mum has gained a thousand fold, over her strength we have seen in previous years.

Radiology has since stopped. Chemotheraphy has stopped. The Doctors have said no more treatments are needed, as his condition is beyond that now. We are actively seeking options for when he discharges, it he discharges strong, for which we/i am in fear he might not. We have been taking turns to stay by his side, since he had been warded.

Thank you all for your prayers and support.


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